Day 416

Today is Good Friday. Arguably the darkest day in our history. Sunday is Easter. A day full of hope and redemption and a reminder of eternal life. As Christians, these days touch our hearts and are a symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice for all mankind. The saddest time and the happiest time…separated by only three days.

Most of our days on earth fall somewhere in between. We have our share of rough moments and joyful moments. But where do you stand on your own personal darkest days? Where do you stand when you can’t see the hope? It’s easy to praise God on Easter. It’s easy to have a grateful heart when you realize all your sins are forgiven. It’s easy to show grace when evil is being defeated. It’s easy to be strong when no one is challenging your faith. The question is, do you know who you are when the darkness suffocates you? It is too hard to start trying to figure out God’s justice while we’re in the middle of destruction. We need to work out our faith ahead of time.

We all have our personal “worsts.” The worst thing that has happened to you. The worst day of your life. The worst case scenario coming true. Mine has been my divorce (clearly…that’s why I’m writing this blog). I realize other people have had worst “worsts” that I, but this is the worst that defines my life. And now, looking back on my worst, I see beyond a doubt, what saved me. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Living in my own personal hell, but waking up knowing that God was with me helped me handle my days with as much grace as possible. As my baby sister would say, “You gotta know where you are in your faith, before you need it.”

The other side of this is the “Easter” part of our lives. We tend to expect perfection out of the Easter moments. The perfect outfit, the perfect meal, the perfect hymns…even the perfect Easter picture. But on that first Easter, do you think everyone was perfectly joyful? My bet is that they were more confused than anything else. “The tomb is empty…where is the body? This is nuts!” The joy isn’t found in the perfection, it’s found in the miracle. Not in the meal, but in the company. Not in the picture, but in the story. Not in the pageantry of one day, but in the gift of everlasting life.

Know God during Easter so you can cling to him during Good Friday.

Matthew 28:6 “He is not here, for he has risen, just as he said.”

One thought on “Day 416

  1. Wow. So much truth. I love this one. Well said. Well written. Each week I eagerly anticipate the arrival of your next post. They are a highlight in my week, a blessing and a challenge each time I read what you write. What an anointed perspective you have. Thanks for sharing this.


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